June 2014

Sunday 1 June (Easter VII)
10:00 Parish Eucharist
Organ voluntary           Fanfare – Lemmens

6:30 Choral Evensong
Responses                    Radcliffe
Psalm                           47 (Cutler)
Canticles                      Stanford in C
Anthem                        O Lorde the maker of al thing – Joubert
Organ voluntary            Prelude in form of a Chaconne (Op.88 No.2) – Stanford
                                  (Organist David Shepherd)

Sunday 8 June (Pentecost)
10:00 Parish Eucharist
Organ voluntary           Fugue in g minor , Op. 7 – Dupré

6:30 Choral Evensong
Responses                    Radcliffe
Psalm                           67 (Turle)
Canticles                      Patrick Short Service
Anthem                        Most glorious Lord of Life – Gibbs
Organ voluntary            Prelude in g minor, Op. 7 – Dupré

Sunday 15 June (Trinity Sunday)
10:00 Choral Eucharist
Setting                         Missa L’Hora Passa – Viadana
Motet                           I sat down under his Shadow – Bairstow
Organ voluntary            Triumphal March – Lemmens

6:30 Said Evensong with hymns
Organ voluntary           Piece for Musical clock – Haydn
Thursday 19 June (Corpus Christi)
8:00pm Choral Eucharist
Setting                         Missa Brevis – Palestrina
Motet                           Ego sum panis vivum – Palestrina

Sunday 22 June (Trinity I)
No choir, organist holiday!

Sunday 29 June (Trinity II SS Peter & Paul)
10:00 Parish Eucharist
Organ voluntary           Litanies – Alain

6:30 Choral Evensong
Responses                   Radcliffe
Psalm                          138 (Clucas)
Canticles                     Darke in A minor
Anthem                       Justorum animae – Stanford
Organ voluntary           Tu es Petra – Mulet