Welcome to King's Lynn Minster - a place to be at home with God


The congregation of King's Lynn Minster includes all kinds of people and we seek to welcome all kinds of people. We celebrate the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ: the love that offers to each person acceptance, forgiveness and healing; that demands justice and freedom for all people; that seeks reconciliation and peace; that requires good stewardship of the world and fairness in the distribution of its wealth and resources.


This is the love that we seek to celebrate and to proclaim in the quality of our worship and preaching, and in the care that we offer. It is the love to which this place has borne witness through the centuries and that has called people to gather here for nearly a thousand years.


Whether you're a tourist, or a pilgrim; looking for peace and quiet, or excited by history and architecture; looking for a Church to join, or a Service to drop into - you will always be welcome at the Minster.