Morning Prayer


Morning Prayer is said at 8.30am from Monday to Saturday.  It lasts approximately 20 minutes.  Regular attendees include Becca Rogers (Team Vicar), Jon Price and Angela Rayner (Curates) and Andrew Ward (Reader), but we always welcome vistors.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, we are praying by Zoom.  We welcome everybody to join us on or on Facebook.  A link is provided each day on Facebook with the texts used, so that it's easy to follow along, and is also available here

Our previous schedule for Morning Prayer is as follows:

Monday - St John's

Tuesday - St John's

Wednesday - North Lynn

Thursday - King's Lynn Minster

Friday - King's Lynn Minster

Saturday - King's Lynn Minster

(The time is variable for Evening Prayer, so we do not publicise a time, but if you'd like to attend, please do contact the Parish Office).