In the south east aisle of the church are the two largest memorial brasses in England. The brasses were most likely made in a Flemish workshop and trasnported to Bishop’s Lynn through it’s well-established trading routes. The brasses commemorate two prominent men of the town.

Adam de Walsoken is known from his will to have owned a great number of properties in the town. He died in 1349 and is shown with his wife Margaret on the detailed brass. Below their feet is a rural scene, famous for its depiction of a postmill.

Robert Braunche died in 1364 and is shown with his first and second wives, Letitia and Margaret. He was a merchant and his will implies a riverside property. Below their feet is the famous Peacock Feast scene. Some interpret this scene as an incident in a medieval legend and some as a reference to entertainment provided by Braunche during his time as Mayor to King Edward III during a royal visit.