Weddings & Blessings


Do you live locally?  Would you like to marry at King’s Lynn Minster?  Getting married is one of the most serious decisions we make in life. As well as being a big commitment, it has an impact on family, friends and the whole of society.  We love talking with couples who are thinking about getting married!

The vows that you make in church with all your wedding guests present, acknowledge that life has its ups and downs, but that you lovingly commit wholly to each other, sharing all that you have and all that you are with the other, for the rest of your lives.

There are a number of matters to consider before it is possible to book a wedding here, so we’d ask you to make contact with the parish office as soon as possible. We can then discuss the legal preliminaries with you, and help you to ensure that your wedding day is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

The costs involved in a church wedding change each year, but the basic fees are similar to those for local registry offices.

You do not need to be regular church-goers to be married in your parish church, but if you do not have any type of connection with us, we would need to speak with you about how we might work together to establish a relationship.

Renewals of Vows

Often couples who have been married for a long time decide to celebrate their years together by renewing their vows.  In the Church of England, this service is called a Thanksgiving for Marriage.

It’s possible to renew your wedding vows any time after your wedding day, regardless of whether you had a church wedding or not. It’s a bit like a marriage refresher and is often used on special anniversaries, or even after a period of difficulty in a marriage.

This can be a large service in the main body of the Church, or held in one of the smaller side-chapels if you’d prefer.

If you’d like to consider renewing your marriage vows at King’s Lynn Minster, we’d love you to be in touch by contacting the parish office.

Wedding Blessings

Sometimes couples who have had a civil wedding decide they would like to dedicate their marriage to God in church soon afterwards. In this Church of England, this service is called a Service of Prayer and Dedication, which is often known as ‘a blessing’.

It is a simple service acknowledging the commitment already made between husband and wife during a civil ceremony and asks for God’s blessing and guidance in your new life together.