First time visitors

We’re delighted you’ve decided to worship at King’s Lynn Minster for the first time. We know that some people can feel very nervous about going to church, and we wanted to put your mind at rest by providing some basic information:

Don’t know what to do in church: Don’t worry if you aren’t too sure what to do in church. We will give you an information sheet (called an order of service) when you first come through the door which will explain what to say and do.

Length of service: Our 10am Sunday services last for approximately 1 hour, but you won’t be in trouble if you arrive a bit late or leave a little early. (Our Sunday 8am and weekday services last 30-40 minutes).

What to wear: Sometimes people choose to dress up for church on Sunday, especially on a special occasion like a Baptism (Christening) or for a wedding. However, many people attend church in their ordinary clothes.

Children’s provision: We don’t mind if your children cry or move around during the service!  We have a Family Corner if your little ones (or slightly larger ones!) would like to sit and play.

Toilets:  A wheelchair accessible toilet is available when the church is open for worship and organised events. There is a lift to access the toilet area which is located on the lower level of the north west tower.

Wheelchair access: Wheelchair users usually access the Minster through the large door on the west side.  If that proves difficult, do speak to one of the stewards, and we can open up the door on the north side, leading directly to the Saturday Market Place car park.

Still uncertain?: If you are very nervous about visiting the Church, and would like to arrange for a friendly face to meet you at the door, help you find somewhere to sit, or sit with you during the service, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.