Young Person’s Choir

King’s Lynn Minster is to start a choir for young people
aged from about 5 or 6 to 14 (boys) or 16 (girls)

The choir is being formed to encourage the joy and art of singing and to experience performing in public and is open to boys and girls up to the aged 5-16.

The choir will meet in the Minster on Tuesday afternoons at 5pm during school terms.
The choir practice will last for about 45 minutes where formal music notation will be taught alongside singing and voice training.

Once established, the choir will be encouraged to sing in the Minster on occasions on a Sunday morning at the 10am service.  As children become older and more experienced, there is the possibility to progress into the Minster adult choir where a greater and more challenging music programme can be encountered.

Appropriate safe-guarding will be in place and the director of music is DBS checked.  Help from parents is welcomed and encouraged.

If you are interested, bring your child along on a Tuesday during term time, or contact the director of music via the website.