PCC Meeting Summary

PCC Meeting – 23rd November 2022

The Minster PCC met at the vicarage on 23rd November 2022. The minutes of the last meeting (5th October) were approved and are available to be read in the Minster and on the Minster website.

Mark reported on the progress being made with the 3 “pillars” – pilgrimage, ecology and young people.

Kelly reported that the financial position continues to be difficult but manageable. We would not be able to manage to pay the full Parish Share this year although we will be in a position to pay more than last year.

The building works in North Lynn continue to make good progress. Interviews for the team vicar post are scheduled for early December. The plans for a “Food Hub” in North Lynn continue to develop, with Freebridge providing a venue for the hub.

The process for dealing with the flood damage continues (inevitably a lengthy process) with quotes for various surveys being obtained. The architect continues to have discussions with the insurers. A survey is also required for the “training bell”.

The Margery Kempe talks had been successful, albeit with some difficulties with the sound system. The next major event is the unveiling of the statue by Lord Dannatt in February.

An Equal Opportunities Policy was approved and adopted by the PCC. Valerie had updated the Safeguarding Action Plan and forewarned PCC members that further safeguarding training would be necessary in the coming weeks.

The minutes of this meeting will be published once they are approved at the next meeting on 8th February 2023.

Signed PCC Minutes 5th October 2022