Lynn Lumiere – King’s Lynn Minster

Using light show technology, Arts, Cities & Landscape, Lynn Lumiere invites people to take a fresh look at the town’s built environment and aims to inspire new appreciation of King’s Lynn’s heritage.

The six works, each projected onto a different building in the town, invite closer inspection of architectural features and explore the heritage and culture of King’s Lynn.

The light shows run throughout the year from dusk for approximately 2 hours.

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Round of Clocks, King’s Lynn Minster

Artists: Amandine Meyer & Julia Dantonnet

Inspired by the tide or Moon clock seen on one of the west facing towers of King’s Lynn Minster.

‘The Round of Clocks’ by Amandine Meyer and Julia Dantonnet reflects upon human measurement of time and how the mechanisms we use to chart it reveal our vision of the world. This stimulating and animated rotational movements as well as features of the building including the magnificent stained glass window.

St Nicholas’ Waves, St Nicholas’ Chapel

Artists: Shantidas Riedacker & Dorian Rigal

Surprising and striking, this dramatic light show encourages people to take another look at the magnificent architecture of St Nicholas’ Chapel. A series of abstract patterns and shapes envelop the spire, disrupting our conventional view of the 19th century structure and drawing new attention to it.

Ecosystems, 1-3 Tuesday Market Place (Lloyds/TSB Bank)

Artists: Guillaume LePoix & Thomas Daveluy

Focusing on the use of natural resources, Guillaume LePoix & Thomas Daveluy create a fascinating depiction of the construction and deconstruction of a building. As plants emerge from the ground, we see how different resources and materials are used to create the fabric and living spaces of the building.

Night Sailors, The Custom House

Artists: Julia Dantonnet

Julia Dantonnet has used light and projection to create “Night Sailors” which highlights one of King’s Lynn’s most iconic landmarks, the Custom House. Composed with archive images, geographical and stellar maps, “Night Sailors” draws on King’s Lynn’s role as a cradle of development for deep-sea navigation in the Middle Ages.

Doing Undoing the Tide, 18 New Conduit Street (Vancouver Quarter)

Artists: Gaëtan Robillard

Gaëtan Robillard’s creation for 18 New Conduit Street, Baxter’s Plain also explores King’s Lynn’s maritime past. Inspired by the lighthouse-like tower of the building, he has developed a work based upon the movements of the sea. Undulating waves cover the building. Gradually, images emerge from the water, uncovering more about King’s Lynn’s heritage and inviting people to consider how the past influences our modern world.

Ephemeral Scenes of Lin, Greyfriars Tower

Artists: Halida Boughriet

Artist Halida Boughriet has taken her cue from Greyfriar’s Tower’s historical use as a landmark for sailors and the Celtic origins of the town’s name (‘Lin’ meant ‘lake’) to develop an enchanting projection based upon the town’s links with water. Water, awesome and powerful, calm and serene appears to fill the tower, in this striking show.


Why not take a trip around King’s Lynn’s earlier Arts, Cities & Landscape installations? Taking in the Grade II listed Walks public park, the historic quayside, and town centre, you can intersperse your tour with shopping and a bite to eat, making it a great way to spend a day or short break in King’s Lynn.

For more information about all the installations, pick up a copy of Arts Cities & Landscape 2015 from King’s Lynn Tourist Information Centre (Stories of Lynn, Saturday Market Pl, King’s Lynn PE30 5DQ, 01553 763044).

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